Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Time Lapse

I always find that the time between Christmas and New Year proves to be a bit... nothingy. It's like the days don't really exist, or perhaps too much Turkey just makes it appear that way. Regardless, I feel as if I'm in No-Man's-Land the half way between two sides of camp.

Christmas was good, full of family and food and an unexpected but very nice chance to get to church. The family, on the whole, behaved themselves and it all went rather smoothly. In fact, so smoothly it flew past! Boxing Day was much the same, but with a couple of hours at the beach marching up and down the promenade for some fresh air after being stuck inside.

My plans for this evening, due to my lack of transport and therefore inability to get to the cinema, is to start watching Downton Abbey. Series 1 and 2 was bought as a family Christmas pressie so I'm going to invest my time in the joys of period drama.

Until later, I hope that you're nearly finished with the leftovers and are enjoying this strange space and time where very little happens.

Love xo

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Half a Birthday and more than Half a Pudding.

A big shout out to the bessie, who turns twenty and a half today.

That's right, today is her HALF BIRTHDAY. A whole six months into the year of being twenty. Impressive.

In honour of this, here is half a cake.

However, considering we had two puddings this evening as part of our CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA with the girls, I don't think I'll be approaching let alone eating cake for a very long time.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of love

PS - Coffee finished the night and are my excuse for excessive capitals. x

Saturday, 17 December 2011


I leave London tomorrow.

There are about to be some goodbyes.

This makes me incredibly, incredibly sad. The other side of the world is one side too far.


Tuesday, 13 December 2011


There has been some serious baking in Flat 8.

Banana Muffins, Tiffiin and Rocky Road has been made in abundance.

I shall post more photos and details of my exciting weekend tomorrow when I get a spare moment.

Less than two weeks til Christmas, and only four days til the grand return to the coast.



Thursday, 8 December 2011

Julius Caesar

Having completed five essays in seven days I am now free of assignments until after Christmas.
I did actually take part in a small victory dance and a high five.

Tonight I have painted my nails a festive green and watched the beautiful Love Actually, filling myself with smushy feelings and thoughts of Christmas. Tomorrow the shopping begins. I am hoping for lots of good ideas and inspiration.

Night for now chickens.

Love x

PS - I love the typewriter in this.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Cranberry and Cinnamon

I've had a crazy few days. It got to Wednesday and I realised I had five essays due in the next seven days. Three are done, two more to go. BLAHHH. That's the joy of tomorrow!

Had an incredible night outside St Paul's yesterday, taking part in something called 7:14 which was a prayer event that went on all over the UK but also in cities across the globe. The idea was that Christians started getting real with the global issues, by talking to the one who can really change them. The photos and stories are incredible. I'll post mine soon!

Anyway, lots of work done, I felt that I deserved a night off so me and a couple of girls went to the cinema to see the new film 50/50. Really good. Haven't formed thoughts other than, how can something so sad yet so funny entertain me for two hours and only make me cry once. It also reminded me of my great love for Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I may need to watch 500 Days of Summer again sometime soon.

A new discovery of the day was Kopparberg's Christmas special cider. Cranberry and cinammon flavoured! Pretty delicious, and very festive. Could have down with more cranberries and cinammon though. It sort of just tasted like those big strawberry jelly sweets you have as a kid? I'm sure you know the ones.

So I finally feel as if I'm coming down from my sugar high and it's time for bed. I was going to dye my hair but I fear that if I did that now, things might go very very wrong. We could end up with a 'Vicki-the-goth' esqe situation once again, and that should never be repeated.

Lots of love friends

PS - Hope you're enjoying advent calendars. They may have nothing to do with Christmas but I love the excuse of chocolate each day.

PPS - I urge you to get into the reeeeal spirit of Christmas and find a carol service to go to.

That is all,
Yours, Miss Rambles.