Monday, 28 June 2010

Too hot, too tired, too much excitement.

Today is my day off. I am so tired I think my head might fall off. However, I think I am going to go to the beach tonight. That will of course help my tirednes...

I have had a very long, but very good few days, involving :-

-a friend's birthday
-a trip to town
-a trip into the forest, otherwise known as a tiny village lacking in forest
-having several picnics
-working 11 hours straight
-eating chinese/watching Doctor Who :O
-being reunited with my long lost friends.
-going to church
-going to wimborne, and sitting under a tree by a river and chatting theology
-going for a late night swim in the sea

It has been wonderful. And full of bright, bright sunshine. However, I am uuuber tired, and must return to work tomorrow.
My friendies are home now though and we had snuggle time. This makes me happy :)

Peace and love

PS: the pineapple I am growing is w strange brown colour, doesn't appear to be growing and has been put outside for fear of it smelling. I am still hopeful it might grow.

Friday, 18 June 2010

My amazement at the world

Ok, so, in my generally monotonous life as a gap yearer, I go through stages of total insanity or deep philosophical ponderings. My latest thought was just my general entertainment and wonder at the world.
I mean, imagine a pineapple, or a giraffe...or even a horse. When you look at them as like, entities in themselves, they are the most bizzare creatures. \

I am just rather amazed at how impressive the world is. From animals, to fruit, everything is so beautifully created, it all works so incredibly. A pineapple, or a watermelon? Things that are plants, but edible...and tasty...and good for you.
And just the crazy size and shape and design of giraffes...

By this point you are probably thinking I am beyond insane. And perhaps I am. Sometimes I do genuinely fear that me, and all my friends, as much as I love them, are a little bit on the mental, side. And really on the mental side.

Still, I think it's always a good thing, to observe your surroundings :) So take it as that, and little else!

In other news I have started growing a pineapple tree. My mother asked me "Do you really want a spikey horrible tree?" My reply was a resounding yes. I shall update you on its progress.

Peace and love. Over and out.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Mid-week Madness

Ok, so, I work in a crazy job. It involves selling ice cream and smiling at foreign people who don't know what £2 coins are...etcetera, etcetera. No doubt I will have a further rant about it at some other time.

But anyway, baaaasically, I was not expecting to work today, due to the lack of offered hours over the last week...Therefore, it did not seem too important that I stayed up until half past three this morning, on the phone (and a very nice phone call it was too!). Unfortunately for me, I was woken up at 8am by my manager requesting my presence today. Consequently I had a twitchy tired eye all day and looked like an utter social reject. Thumbs up for me!

Despite my horrific tiredness, and general weird facial expressions, I did actually have quite an enjoyable day. After unpacking a million boxes of exciting things like frozen chips, crisps and serviettes, I wandered further down the beach to one of the other ice cream kiosks owned by my boss. This was, quite a blessing to say the least. Firstly, the guy I work with down there is INSANE. He makes lots of noises, he dances, jigs and is altogether very entertaining. I like him. So our afternoon involved, throwing plastic bottles of water around, which doesn't sound as fun as it actually is. Just imagine the added danger of these bottles exploding every so often and spraying you with water. Mix in some epic music blasting from Radio 1 (which normally I deeply dislike) and you can imagine one happy, yet, tired, and twitchy eyed girl.

I would just like to elaborate slightly on my absolute overwhelming joy at the music choice and commend whichever DJ it was. MUMFORD AND SONS were played, and so I sang, danced and skipped around the ice cream kiosk. This was followed by Toploader's, 'Dancing in the Moonlight', an Avril Lavigne song and then a little later on, 'Somewhere over the Rainbow'. Neverrrr does that happen to me!

To top off my rather marvellous work hours, I had beans and cheese on toast for lunch <3 and later in the afternoon I sold an entire box of 40 ice creams to some school kids who all cheered, smiled, waved, and shouted thank you to us.

Who says work is dull??

Monday, 14 June 2010

My friends make me feel like this

And that is why I love them.

PS - thank you Postsecret for weekly enjoyment.

The hazards of bran flakes

This morning I found blue plastic in my bran flakes. I fear tesco have turned against me, when I have been nothing but a faithful customer.

In other news, work is cancelled so I am going to have an exciting day of catch up and craziness with Antonia. YEEEEEEEEE!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Love this!

Clay flowers and sunburn

It's got round to Sunday night and I am quite, quite exhausted. Pretty sure my weekends tire me more than the weekdays!

Saturday began with a rather early start, an early pick up and an early creative session involving clay. It was of course, the 'Ladies Day'. Not quite as fiercely feminist as it sounds, it was a great time for all the 'ladies' to get together for some worship, teaching, and ministry. Rather superb actually...I definitely appreciate being a 'lady'. Following a very civilised lunch of teeny tiny sandwiches, made more delicious by the fact they were teeny tiny, I visited a friends exciting new house where all of the ceilings are different shapes!

The late afternoon was taken up by an impromptu shopping trip where I was dragged into Topshop, which was of course, entirely uninitiated by myself, and spending an obscene amount of money.

The things we do for pretty things? I do now have a nice new frilly, floaty, lacy top :)

Anyway, off home I toddled for some make up, and hairspray before catching the bus into town for a friend's birthday and a night of cocktails and boogeying. The bus had two rather nasty chavy guys running up and down it shouting in that ear shattering voice they have 'Eeeeengaaaaaaaalaaaaand', and repeating themselves every two seconds, much to their amusmant and my disdain. By the time I had arrived in town, I admit, I was not the happiest of people. Whilst waiting for everyone else to arrive I decided to place myself on a nice bench, and calm myself down but unfortunately, as I always seem to do, I attracted some crazy man who decided to give me company.

Turns out, he was not nearly so crazy, although incredibly drunk and we had a nice little chat about nasty football supporters (I had lots of ammunition for that one!) and festivals. He shook my hand, wished me a nice evening and quite literally stumbled off to another pub.

When all of my friendies finally arrived, we trundled into one of the newer clubs in Bournemouth for some drinks and a nice little dance. I had two very delicious and delightfully decadent cocktails before we all traipsed downstairs for a dance...and there we stayed for three hours.

This morning (sunday) I was not too keen to get up, but my noisy neighbours with their yappy dogs and shouty child, decided that it was imperative that I did not stay asleep, and quite rightly so, I mean, who wants to have more than 6 hours undisturbed sleep in one night? Just greedy of me...

Anyhow, I went off to church this morning, as I do every week, and had a thoroughly wonderful time. The worship was lively, full of dancing, shouting, loud singing and celebrating; just how it should be! The preach was powerful, challenging and life shaping. It's such a blessing to be in such an incredibly dynamic and powerful church.

A student BBQ followed and there was lots of banter and lots of burgers, and then a hot trip to the beach. Needless to say, I, with the fair skin, am as red as a tomato... By the time we entered the bar tonight for chit chat and a drink, I was radiating heat. Surely there must be a hot joke there somewhere? I think I am too tired to find it.

So yes, that was my epic weekend. Quite a change to my dreary week of cancelled work, but definitely a welcome change! Some friends returned from uni this weekend and some are leaving to return to their far away homes half way across the world.
One day, I would quite like to gather all of those people that I love the most in one big place so they can all be friends together.

Perhaps heaven would be the perfect place?

Friday, 11 June 2010

Who are you?

Well...I am Victoria, Vicki, Vock...depending on who you are and what you want to call me. I'm not too fussed really.

I'm a Christian, on a gap year, a little confused I guess with what I'm meant to be doing but enjoying earning money and verrrry much looking forward to the return of my friends for the summer as soon as they've finished uni.

So that, is, very briefly, me.
The question is, who are you?