Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I had a stressful day

...and so these cheered me up a little...

I am glad it is not paper-clips that binds us. That would be a long chain from here to there, and that might hinder movement.

Thursday, 24 March 2011


I am notoriously freckly over the summer. They just appear. Out of hiding. And are glaring visible all over my face.

The fact that I have become increasingly covered in freckles over the past few days suggests to me that it is now officially summer. Bare legs and no jackets are soon to follow this understanding of the seasons.

Today I had a very lovely day visiting the other side of town and the kids on the hill. We had a big meeting this morning full of propheticy type stuff and some prayer, and then I grabbed lunch with a bunch of people, had a student meeting and then took a trip into town with a couple of the girls.

With the sun shining, a trip to Topshop where I found the B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L dress I fell in love with a couple of weeks ago, and then a coffee in Nero (and seeing a bin on fire) I was in a pretty chirpy mood.

Made more so by watching two episodes of Glee and beginning 'Lost in a Good Book' by Jasper Fforde, the sequel to 'The Eyre Affair', a book I recently borrowed and devoured from my lovely friend Hazel that I work with.

All in all, with the prospect of BBQs, more time at the beach, the girls coming home for Easter, and a weekend of tea parties and worship I am smiley.

I might even wear my new dress.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


This was on Postsecret:

and it made me think of you.


Thursday, 17 March 2011

I'm Baaaaack

I hope you gathered my tone of voice in that announcement. I have had a lot of caffeine these past days...

I'm back home tonight after a little more travelling around which seems to be a rather regular part of my life these days.

I had a very early start on Tuesday, followed by a whole day of teaching from Ephesians and then a girls night with my fellow Fpers. Ended up being a 20 hour day...

Wednesday passed in much the same way, although perhaps a little more sleep to start me off. A day of OT history was quite exciting and my head seems to be spinning a little at all of the different levels of things.

Today is Thursday (fairly obvious for you clever people) and we did things a little more visually, and got fairly practical too. Evangelism was our subject, and we dug deep. I loved it.

Sadly I appear to have lost around 95% of my cognitive ability, and after cooking a stir fry for dinner and watching more of The West Wing, it's well and truly time for my head to hit the pillow.

With love and general happiness,

Monday, 14 March 2011


It's been a rather productive day. 

I've now packed, dinner is cooking and I am all excited about heading to Bristol tomorrow.
Not so much excitement for the 4.45am wake up. EW!

I had a very lovely day yesterday, visited three different pubs, had a nap, ate some hot cross buns and watched Inception. Which, second time around I'm pretty sure has become more complicated. 

Still amazing though.

Anyway, I need an early night, and some rubbish TV to prepare me for an intense few days in Bristol. Here's to hoping they're wonderful, full of good teaching and lots of lovely people!


Saturday, 12 March 2011

Ball Gowns

My first day off in two days.

I had a lie in.
I had a giant plate of fruit. 
I went to the shopping centre, found a very pretty dress in Topshop. But it didn't fit and it's not on their website!!  Sad times. But it looks like this.

I was then bought a ball gown. It was £12 and an absolute 'must-have' purely because it is gold, Grecian, and makes me look hot.

Then a bessie came and saw me and we collided in a giant hug outside Asda. We chatted and had fun.

Now I am going to bed, because I realise I am a nasty person with no sleep and have a 12 hour day tomorrow. 



Thursday, 10 March 2011

Pre-Bude, Post-Bude

For the last few weeks my life has appeared to revolve around one event. 'In Bude' was a students and twenties weekend away, and being the person in the office, in charge of admin, and the one who does most of the organising, the responsibility for getting our rabble along, fell mostly to me.

Things were a little complicated with all the sorting out of people, lifts, money, and then if you add a lack of communication into the mix, there were a few paddies, a few rants and a few mental breakdowns along the way. (Well perhaps not the break down bit, but it was close at points)

So, last Friday, around fifty of my Students & Twenties drove down to Bude. Now Bude, in my head was going to be this cute little Cornish town, but in reality, we were about 15 mins away from Bude, and it was a weird place full of strange people who did a lot of glaring.

Fortunately we weren't really there for the tourism. Instead we had lots of incredible meetings, where God changed people, we were taught and we generally had a super fun time being in the presence of Jesus. All good really. For me there was definitely some stuff that really spoke to me, so that's being added to the list of things that have been influential over my FP year. Golly it's long!

Saturday afternoon was lovely, we took a drive along the coast, found ourselves at a wide expanse of beach, which definitely fulfilled my craving for the Cornish Coast. With rock pools, a man chasing us with a kite, and lots of people with cameras, we spent a very enjoyable few hours clambering over and around the rocks and chatting before heading into Bude for a cream tea. Not bad for an afternoons entertainment!

The weekend was in so many ways an answer to so many prayers. I loved being able to hang out with some of my close friends, chatting, cooking and such. We had some hilarious moments attempting to make carrot soup with not mushy carrots, no blender, and nothing but a masher and a stupid amount of coriander. Ew.

I also managed to set fire to cookies in the microwave on our way off on the Sunday afternoon, which left a smoky haze in all of the rooms, the fire alarm blaring, and my friend Hazel stood in front of the smoke detector with a fan. Rather amusing for all involved, particularly those who came to investigate all the commotion. 

Post Bude, I'm attempting to chase people, cover all the basis and find out how people found things, and sort out some of the drama from the weekend. All fun and games, but has definitely kept me on my toes the past few weeks.

So I'm now intending to chill out with some West Wing, and hit the sack pretty early. I've realised how much I desperately need sleep, and as I'm off to Bristol next week I know I need to be vaguely prepared...physically and emotionally. Still, I can't say that's happened so far, so we'll so how it goes.

I'm very excited about a girly twirly coming back to btown this weekend and I know Easter isn't far off. Other people are making me grrrr with their lack of contact but I've washed my hands, and it's up to them. 
I hope that updates you a little on me. 
Today I am enjoying the new Noah and the Whale album. They make me happy. Although this album isn't as catchy as the first...yet. 

Hugs and kisses