Monday, 26 September 2011

Bed bugs

So the latest on the London adventure... I have bed bugs.

The girl I am next to and I both have bed bugs, apparently a rather common problem, but definitely a disgusting one. I woke up this morning to discover that I am covered in bites (half of which have gotten as big as five pence pieces). Uni maintenance have been out but it's a massive hassle and I am feeling a little sorry for myself. I have to wash EVERYTHING. And hope that they haven't got into any of my nice boxes of things....

I am going to cheer myself up with a pyjama evening with the rest of the flat, half of whom are ill.

Perhaps not the best day of my life, I will confess.

Love x

He Reigns

God so loved, that He gave His Son
To lay down his life for the sake of us
He bore the weight of our sin and shame
With a cry He said ‘It is finished’
Christ the Lord, overcame the darkness
He’s alive, death has been defeated

For He made us a way, by which we have been saved
He’s the Saviour of the world
So we lift up a shout for His fame and renown
Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord
Jesus, Saviour of the world

We must spread the word of His soon return,
To reclaim the world, for His glory
Let the church now sing, of this coming king
Crowned with majesty, our Redeemer

And He reigns, ruler of the heavens
And His name, is Jesus the Messiah

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Dead Tired

Sleep is in short supply. Tonight, we stayed in, much to my pleasure, after only sleeping for four hours last night, and each of us were ready for bed at half nine. Then I made a pot of coffee and I have a feeling that we're all sat in our seperate rooms, still slightly buzzing and typing things up on facebook.

My life here seems to be a little strange. Last night I found myself at Jason Derulo's birthday party at a club in London. Certainly something I never would have imagined myself to do. I've also done NO reading since I've been here. This has to change as I have piles of things that need doing. I find myself in that slightly blathering place of tiredness and concern and excitement. 

I really love my flat mates though. Not that I should really be surprised with who I was given in some ways, but it has been amazing. Hysterical laughing, talking around the kitchen table for hours and some wonderful conversation, as well as seeing a really great side to each of them, it's hard not to want to just never work and just hang out. Makes me sad already that two of them are only here until Christmas!

Still, I do miss my other friends. I feel like I'm being a bit bad at keeping in contact, but I guess we're not that far into term. Hmm.

I realise that my title of Miss Rambles could return at this rate. Probably will. I need to get some sleep, I need to be up early to help with some freshers fair stuff. Crazy.

Love Love Love

Monday, 19 September 2011

Queen Mary

Ok, so, night two, it's 3am and I have Andrew Bird playing, a cup of tea in hand, and eyes so tired that I probably looked as if I've been punched.

However, this weekend has been pretty immense, in a surreal, tricky, strange way. Yesterday we left Bournemouth around 9am, stopped for coffee and after getting a little lost coming off of the motorway, managed to find everything, including my flat and it's keys.

My flat is on the third floor. PTL for a lift to help move all of my stuff upstairs. Our kitchen has two walls made of glass overlooking the canal. It may be a sludgy green colour, but I rather love it, and I've been really blessed with my flatmates.

Yesterday was spent sorting, unpacking, organising bits and pieces and chatting a lot in the corridor that alternates between the walkway to the kitchen and our makeshift lounge. We went out in the evening, returned to the flat before deciding that our American flatmates needed educating in the joys of kebabs.

I fear that my nocturnal habits are going to return.

Today I had to get up to go and enrol, but I am now armed with a rather wonderful unattractive photo of my face on my student ID. Excellent stuff. More time chatting before I headed to church this afternoon.

I must admit, trying to find things in London when you have no clue where to go, is, I must admit, a tad tricky. Still, after a few wrong turns I found Christchurch. I won't lie, being somewhere where you know nobody is scary. Especially when everyone else knows everyone. It made me miss home a little, but was equally exhilarating  Anyway, finding people to sit with, I had a great couple of hours, found my friend Rich and headed back to Uni for dinner.

Around 10pm we finally decided to head to a pub and after a hunt around Mile End, realised none were open, so jumped on the tube to Camden. As you do. So, we found ourselves thirty minutes later, in a very 'camden' establishment. Bright red walls, sticky floors and tables and off to one side, some sort of crazy dancing room.

Regardless, we had fun and it should be interesting to see what the next few days bring. It currently all just feels as if life is some strange social experiment; put strangers in small flats, and see how long they survive. For anyone who has read this far no doubt you'll be delighted to hear I shall keep the updates coming.

For now, however, it's time for SLEEEP.

Lots of love amigos xo

Friday, 16 September 2011


Everything is in boxes and bags. My clothes, my books...all of my craft supplies...

In the morning I move to London, I start University and the madness that I am sure Freshers Week will be. It's the start of a new adventure and with it comes the promise of God's faithfulness.

Bournemouth has been awesome, and Citygate, you have been the absolute best. But all the clich├ęs are true...a new chapter is about to begin.

Much love to all and, I won't lie, your prayers would be MUCH appreciated.


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Pre Uni Spending

Today I continued the ridiculous splurge of money and bought (because I know you are dying to hear)

  1. Mascara
  2. A duvet cover
  3. Plastic boxes for under my bed
  4. Hair Dye
  5. Nail Varnish (I feel justified in this because I've been hunting for this colour for A MONTH!)
  6. A lamp
  7. A sleeping bag
  8. An air pump
  9. BOOTS!
  10. Lightbulbs
  11. Wine glasses
  12. A holdall
And I arrive home to find a box of BOOKS! NEW AND SHINY BOOKS! Studying English is going to be fun, purely for the amount of books I get to own.

Anyway, I need to go and change the colour of my hair and sew a dress before I go out for Leaving Drinks.
Sometimes, I do think that I am a tad ridiculous.


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Work or Nero

After waking early to go to work I am now dressed and ready for the day...but with no work. For today or tomorrow. BOO! They steal my sleep and don't pay me for it. It seems a little unfair. 

So, its 9am and have no specific plans until 6pm tonight. 

I feel a Nero trip could be in order.


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

September Life Begins

It's currently blowing a gale and pouring with rain. Needless to say, I wasn't needed to sell ice cream at the beach, which was rather nice actually. A couple of extra hours of sleep and then a trip to hobbycraft. The plan was to buy fabric to make cushions but I refuse to pay £13 for a metre of printed cotton. I did however buy a nice new notebook which I think I'm going to fill with writing ideas and poetry and such. Just cos I'm cool....

Last night I had a fun evening with a couple of the girls, going for dinner at Pizza Express and then watching Doctor Who. We had a practically free three course dinner thanks to some vouchers, and had a fun few hours chatting and catching up from the past few weeks apart. We've decided to start a new blog which we'll write together. Go here to check it out!!

I think it sums us up quite well.

Tomorrow I'm having a goodbye evening from all of my cell group which I think could be quite sad. Over the next year we're all disappearing off across the world, from Canada to Bridport to London, so as one of the first to go, it could well be a bit emotional. They've been amazing support over the past two years so it'll be great to hang out for one last night. 

It's now just 11 days until I move to London and I'm panicking a little on the inside, despite the excitement. After a great Sunday at church, having lunch, walking over Hengistbury Head, chatting over tea and then the usual pub trip, I can't help but want to stay a bit, even if I know there are lots of great things ahead. I really do detest goodbyes. 

Anyway, lots to think about and prepare for. With no fabric bought for cushions, I'm going to have resort to making some more bunting for my craft afternoon with my knitting friend. 

Much love xoxo