Thursday, 30 May 2013

Weekend Activities

Having recently begun working full-time, I have been struck by the novelties of bank holidays. During my gap years before Uni, bank holidays were often times I still had to work, due to my jobs, but now...well now I can be one of those thrilled working people with an extra day off.

As my housemates were all leaving London I decided to join one of them in her visit to her family in Eastbourne. We wandered around the village of Battle, admired the view of the sea from Birling Gap, and rummaged through the most decadent and delightful book shop that I may have ever come across. 
City Dwellers by the Sea

Birling Gap
Camilla's Bookshop
 I love a good adventure, and whilst this one was only about two days worth of excitement, it was great to just jump on a train and get out of the City. I've been to Eastbourne once before, but it was in the pouring rain and I slept on a church floor in an industrial estate for a student weekend. Fun, but not really the kind of adventure I felt like this weekend. We finished our trip by reading the Sunday papers over coffee before heading back to London for church in the afternoon. 

An old friend from home happened to be in London, so I met with him for lunch before going to church, and we battled our way through the crowds of the Southbank, admiring the man playing the tuba with fire, and grabbing food from one of the street vendors that had parked up as part of the mini food festival. The sun was baking, and as we sat on one of the tiny parts of grass left available, I had to marvel at the scores of people you could fit on a riverbank. In the evening a few of us headed up to one of my favourite spots overlooking the City, and watched the sunset. When you get views like this, you can kind of understand why it's one my favourite places to be. 

The Shard at Sunset
The rest of the bank holiday was spent food shopping, and then picnicing in Greenwich. Though south of the river, Greenwich is easy to get to from my house, so we decided that with the sun blazing it was the perfect opportunity to sunbathe and read for the afternoon. With the help of scones and clotted cream. Obviously. 

When you live in a place with around 8 million people, you find that it's not very common to bump into people you know. Granted, near Uni that's a bit different, but generally speaking it just doesn't happen. You can imagine my surprise then to discover two friends from my course sat 10 metres away in Greenwich park! 
Green green Greenwich

Anyhow, the sun has hid itself behind clouds since Monday, and with work and such, I've not had much to blog about. Our student Connect group did pop out for pizza last night, which was a great chance to catch up with all the folk that had finished exams. This weekend there are more picnics planned, and a street party, organised by one of my neighbours! Lots to look forward to I feel. 

Until then...! 

Peace and love xo

Friday, 24 May 2013

Friday Feeling

It's been a rather quiet week, which was exactly what I needed after the madness of the last weekend. I started working full-time this week, which has been super fun, possibly because my time is really flexible and I so I've still managed to do some fun things. 

Also probably because my new office is next to Bond Street Station, five floors up with a stunning view over Oxford St. I'll try and sneak a picture next week, I was behaving myself as the new girl...! Still, it's scary, and I'm doing things I have no idea how to begin, but I am loving it. 

Highlights of the week include a spontaneous coffee with my bestie, who I bumped into whilst doing a few chores in Westfield. There's an incredible little coffee shop on the ground floor at the back, that does incredible drinks. It's a shame about the location, but makes a change to the ugly Starbucks when you walk through the front doors. 
Love a Latte

Later that evening a friend of mine cooked dinner for me and the rest of the leadership team that head up a Student Connect group at church. We're about 20-30 students that are seeking to know God better and reflect His love in our city. The team I lead with our stunners, inside and out, and with everyone so busy it's been hard to get together. Still, we had some green thai curry, a terrible banoffee pie made by moi (condensed milk DISASTER) and lots of wine. This was our view. 

Regents Canal and Canary Wharf

And now it's Friday. I'm heading to Eastbourne with one of my housemates tonight to meet her family and have a day or so in the countryside. I'm rather excited, and even though it means I'm leaving my beloved London, I have a feeling she'll cope without me (especially with the descending tourists for the bank holiday).

So, I'll update you on my adventures upon my return. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the extra day off!

Much love


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Birthday Times

Last week was my twenty second birthday, and my friends took it upon themselves to thoroughly spoil me. Needless to say, I had no problem with their decision.

Wednesday morning I was woken up with breakfast and a big pile of presents, and sat in bed surrounded by my house-mates. I love gifts, there's something incredibly special when somebody chooses to give you something. My house-mates truly out-did themselves though, buying me a stunning black dress, a necklace, a watering can and some stationery. I felt 5 again, carefully peeling back the corners of the wrapping paper in anticipation. 

Breakfast and Cards

We spent the day in South Kensington, munching on cupcakes in The Hummingbird Bakery and visiting the Natural History Museum and the V&A. One of the things I love most about London, is the free access to stunning history and culture. I've lost count of the hours I've spent strolling through the grand halls of the museums and marvelling at the world that has been captured in the cabinets. It makes my heart sing to see so much beauty in one place, and I loved spending my birthday there. 
Four different types of cake

Rhinos! But with fake horns in case of stealing.
After running home in rush hour, we threw some different clothes on and headed out to meet friends at a cocktail bar near Spitalfields. We had a corner of the bar reserved and packed as many people as possible around a couple of tables and packed it with drinks. Later in the evening, the cheesy music got increasingly loud and so we created our own little dance floor. Surrounded by such lovely friends, I was a very happy lady. 

Birthday dress

One of my besties

Over the weekend, our house threw it's first party. We use our house for numerous things, including a student community at church, and our house is forever full of people. I'm surprised when it's only the people that live here that are sat in the lounge! We bought a BBQ, everyone else bought meat and we spent the night toasting marshmallows and dancing away. Rather amazingly, a car full of my closest friends from home drove all the way from Bournemouth to London, turning up on my doorstep in what was quite possibly the biggest shock I have ever had. It's times like those that remind me of the incredible blessings that I have in my life. 
My Bournemouth Girls, all together
BBQ and Bunting
The girls I live with.

It was an exciting week. There was so much London fun, it reminded me again just why I love this city so much. I took a couple of the girls I went to school with into Victoria Park for breakfast - one of the places I consider at the heart of East London. We say by the lake, drank some of the best coffee known to man, and admired the wide green spaces. Not exactly what most people associate with an urban centre. But it's all about knowing where to look. 

It's been a rather great few days, and I definitely couldn't imagine spending a birthday better. So if you were with me, or sent me cards, messages, presents and love, thank you. I had a great time. 

Much love x