Saturday, 17 July 2010

A hangover without the alcohol...

...that is the joy of my life. I woke up this morning, having had approximately four hours sleep, involving me waking up at some point with excruciating cramp in my leg.

After a very lovely evening, I ended up going to sleep at about 4am. I then had work this morning, which I wasn't entirely expecting (due to the fact my job only happens when it's sunny and it's been torrential rain for a week) and I had to be nice and chipper for my customers. I was not on top form today, I think it is safe to say.

Fun jobs include cleaning out freezers and cleaning ventilation filters. I had to use lethal de-greaser... I think I am missing several layers of skin off of my fingers.

Now, I am not actually as moody and ranty as this blog makes me appear, in fact I am generally pretty content and happy currently. But, I feel like having a head explosion about everything at the moment for fear that just the smallest thing could send me over the edge. Again, sounds's not.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and I am excited because I get to see lots of lovely people, we'll probably eat a giant picnic and generally spend our time after church chatting and enjoying sunshine (fingers crossed). I haven't seen people in a WHOLE WEEK. Shock horror.

Yaaaaaaaaay for sociable things!!
Time for sleep now, good night.

PS, we went to Nero yesterday and had fun Nero gossip times, and I got to see my lovely lovely friends who I think occasionally actually pay attention to my blog. Unfortunately, one of the new 'Nero men' was a bit of a let down, being grumpy and such. We miss 'Nero lady' who is cool and knows our orders. We take our hats off to her :)


Thursday, 15 July 2010

Forgotten update

I forgot to mention what happened in my 'most exciting week ever'

I hung out with these lovely people and we went to Brighton for a biiiiig Christian conference, stayed in this house

with these lovely people

who were totally wonderful and fantastic!

We spent our time, worshipping, hearing amazing teaching, dancing, eating, chatting sleeping and all sorts...

Other highlights included seeing friend's miraculously healed by God of back problems and shoulder problems, seeing over £900,000 given in the offering to help build churches (not the buildings!) and swimming in Brighton sea fully clothes with hundreds of other christians from the conference after an incredible multi-national evening!

So following Brighton, my wonderful friend allowed us to go to her farm for a few days where we hung out in the swimming pool, hot tub, and beautiful Oxfordshire countryside. We worshipped God some more, chatted some more, made Pimms, went for walks, took hundreds of photos, played games, threw people in the pool, did some more worshipping of God, watched the stars, saw shooting stars, saw the sunrise, listened to music, watched people play music...

As you can see, it was quite, quite wonderful!! I am very thankful for all of my lovely friends for such wonderfulness and the epic people who cooked spaghetti bolognese for 24 people, and this is us all eating it!


So...I have spent too much time cooped up in my not so big house, which as much as I love contains an irritating and bratty 12 year old sister, as well as 2 cats and a mother who likes to nag.

This, combined with lack of work, people to see etc, makes me feel kind of insane. Therefore, I am going to blather about my new found love of The West Wing, which unearths my great desire to be some powerful american person...yes, namely the President (which incidently I can be, as I'm an American citizen-but you didn't know that did ya!) So basically, it is an old show, started in 1999, when I was little more than eight years old, and not quite into the 'ugly' stage of life which lasted a tad too long for my liking. At the time my parents loved it, probably due to the fact my vati is american, and my mum lived there for forever (sort of) so yes, I knew it was in existence but until the joys of the internet and too much free time came together, I was not able to enjoy such viewing. It is altogether, rather humourous!

In other news, lots of friendies are home which has meant presents and if they're not I do tend to get postcards and such which make me all emotional...Bridgette Lane, you know who you are. I will be glad to gather them altogether at some point but this is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN BECAUSE I START A CRAZY JOB SOON. Which I am a tad dubious about. I like my sleep. And in fact, living in Brighton, then on a farm, followed by nearly a week of hometime, has made me lazy. It's not a good thing.

But no doubt I can find the good things. Like monies, and new peoples and excursions to london! Aha..

Many people keep enquiring what I plan to do with my life come September. It is almost hilarious now to be able to tell them that I am still yet to know. Unfortunately God didn't give me giant messages in the sky or anything whilst I was away, just more general hints and such, which basically comes down to me making my own decision. It's all very confusing, and then you add in people who think they're trying to be helpful, and I end up debating whether to laugh hysterically or scream. Hysterical laughter is a little more sociable, strangely enough.

So yes, blather central. I don't really know what I'm saying, I think in fact I might just go to bed. I don't really want to go sell ice cream tomorrow but fear that work won't be cancelled. I am enjoying the heavy rain and cloudiness we have currently and would like it to continue.
It's comforting.

Enough rambles. Even if I'm not seeing you, I do love you.

Monday, 12 July 2010

More to come...

I have had the best week ever.
I am feeling a tad mushy with love for many many people.

I am going to blog soon about all our exciting goings on. It has been epic.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Vampires, werewolves, gingers and pineapples. OH MY.

So, I feel that a lot has gone on over the past few days.
Namely, I indulged my teenage love of vampires and went and saw Eclipse. Now, even if not a lot appears to happen plot wise, two hours of this... NOT to be missed. I fear that I left a puddle of drool surrounding my cinema seat when I left. Hopefully I was not the only one.

Tomorrow I am off on my travels. Along with lots of other studenty types, and a fair few incredibly cool church leaders I am going to Brighton! I am super duper excited. We have a giant girly house and we are going to worship God and we are going to talk and after aaaaaaall of that, we're travelling a bit more to a friend's chicken farm! There will be chickens! and fields! and a swimming pool AND hot tub!

...I hope from my excessive lists and exclamation marks you are catching the excitement bug. It is highly contagious and usually results in high pitched speaking and jumping up and down like beans.

Tonight I saw one of bestest friends. She is ginger, and a little insane. I've known her for years and we sat around her garden/park and chatted like we do every summer. It made me feel very philosophical and full of love for gingers. I thought she should get a mention. Also, the epic bannoffee pie that was made for her brother's birthday (the actual reason I was there!)

Anyhow, I am expecting a good week with little/no sleep. I am anticipating some life changing things and therefore feel shut eye would be to my benefit. And the benefit of anyone I come into contact with. I am a terrible, terrrrrible person when tired.

Also, I shall take a photo of my giant amount of stuff that I have packed. I am a serious packer. And not in a good way, I am the most over prepared person in the history of the world. That combined with my love for pretty clothes is just a failure-to-get-everything-in-the-car, waiting to happen.

Lots of summer love

PS. My pineapple is well and truly dead. After two days of wondering what the repulsive sick smell coming from the kitchen was, my rather clever mother determined it was my pineapple plant. Gone rotten. And not growing what. so. ever.

I may try again soon... x