Friday, 29 April 2011

Breakfast, Phone Calls and Bluebells

From my house to Winton, back to my house, then to Wimborne, to a church ruin, a hill, several fields and then a very scenic route home again, it's been quite a busy, but rather enjoyable day. 

Again, it was a day of holiday, and with little in the way of things to do, apart from a breakfast visit with a friend who is off travelling this weekend, and a few tedious phone calls to make, I was free to spend the day how I wished. I watched an episode of Glee, made an excitingly French themed lunch, and then went on a bluebell finding adventure. 

English spring is quite a beautiful occasion, full of bursting blossoms, fields stuffed to overflowing with flowers, and the brightest shades of green and yellow spreading across the land in patches that almost make up a fluorescent patchwork quilt. The end of April, beginning of May, signals the time for bluebells...something that appears to be a yearly phenomenon across the country that causes people to rush to some of the secluded spots that host the pretty flowers.

In theme with feeling a little older than my nineteen years, I accompanied a friend on his dog walk, and went to find the bluebells that everyone is talking about. Somewhere in my head, I think I secretly believe that life is a fairytale...and not the sort that is filled with prince charming and evil step mothers, but the kind filled with fairies, elves and hopefully hobbits... Now logically I know that such ideas are nothing but fanciful notions, but spend an afternoon in the dizzying sunshine surrounded by woodland and flowers and I become more accepting of such silliness. Listening to a large amount of Joanna Newsom also induced some madness. 

Anyway, before you commit me to a mental hospital, I shall assure you that I am quite sane, spent much of my time taking photos, and have returned home to watch The West Wing and talk on the phone rather a lot, in an attempt to plan some of my more crazy ideas. 

Tomorrow is the Royal Wedding (which you should most definitely know) and so I am planning a lazy morning involving pyjamas and cereal and some royalty on TV and then a fun afternoon before my holiday comes to a complete end. 

Have a spiffing weekend ol' chaps!

Good night


Monday, 25 April 2011

Bank Holidays

I must admit with all of these bank holidays, my head gets a little confused. It's a monday...should I not be at work? But no, I'm off this week, continuing my theme of fun relaxingness.

It's been a good few days, filled with friends and family and Jesus. A good mix for Easter really!

In other exciting news I am now back eating was a moment full of anticipation. I fear the chocolate I ate yesterday disappointed me somewhat. Still, I've got plenty of time to find some that is a little better...which obviously means tasting and testing. Hopefully I won't turn into Bruce Bogtrotter... That would be scary and disturbing in all kinds of ways.

This week I have had my first BBQ of the year and the first beach BBQ of the year. Both were good. The latter was St George's Day themed and it was nice to feel a little patriotic and discuss dragons and such. We built a big bonfire out of all of the rubbish...including the plastic. Not something I'd really recommend.

Today I went for breakfast with the friendies, which involved pancakes, croissants and pineapple. An interesting start to the day, and very nice to see people who live a long way away normally. I am now home and attempting a spring clean and sort out of many, many things.

I've started with the wardrobe, the chest of drawers and cupboards will follow...and maybe the desk if I have time/haven't created so much mess that I've drowned in unwanted clothes. The thing is, I am a stupid creature with too many emotions, who gets far too attached to inanimate objects. I'm also a SERIOUS planner and horder which combined with my love of things pretty (regardless of the fact they're old, too small and need to be binned) makes a spring clean quite a traumatic experience.

Do I throw it or keep it? Do I donate to charity or save for an event? Could I cut it and make patchwork or cushions or maybe shorts?

...So yes, these are the dilemmas of my day. Not you know, earth shattering, yet mind boggling enough for me.

With that in mind, I should probably embark on my mammoth task!

I hope you are enjoying a day off and the warmth of the sunshine.


PS - My next door neighbours are very annoying and I would like to make them shut up. They are discussing ridiculous things. Pahhhhhhh!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Good Friday

Before I was a Christian, I often wondered why on earth Good Friday was 'good'. What could possibly be good about the death of man? And not just the inevitable death of the elderly, but the bloody, brutal violent murder of a sinless man. Doesn't sound like a good thing to me. 

When I began to realise that that death was not just the death of man, but God Himself, things took a different turn. When I began to understand that the punishment he received was the punishment that I deserved for all of the things that I have done wrong, my heart began to change, and when it was revealed that this was all for love, a love perfectly unconditional, perfectly true, and powerful beyond measure...a love for me...well that changed my life. 

The skies lay low where You are
On the earth You rest Your feet
Yet the hands that cradle the stars
Are the hands that bled for me

In a moment of glorious surrender
You were broken for all the world to see
Lifted out of the ashes
I am found in the aftermath

Freedom found in Your scars
In Your grace my life redeemed
For You chose to take the sinner's crown
As You placed Your crown on me

In that moment of glorious surrender
Was the moment You broke the chains in me
Lifted out of the ashes
I am found in the aftermath
And in that moment You opened up the heavens
To the broken the beggar and the thief
Lifted out of the wreckage
I find hope in the aftermath

And I know that You're with me
Yes I know that You're with me here
And I know Your love will light the way

Now all I have I count it all as loss
But to know You and to carry the cross
Knowing I'm found
In the light of the aftermath

In awe and wonder, and with a hope that cannot be destroyed.


Sunday, 10 April 2011

Miss Rambles

I realised that  I've named myself Miss Rambles and in many ways I think it is fairly applicable.

So, true to form, I shall rambly inform you of my weekend! No doubt you are desperate to hear of my adventures, you crazy stalkers.

Friday night involved a trip to the slightly rougher side of town, and into a pub. In the process of attempting this, we travelled up a hill on the hunt for a car parking space...only to get stuck and begin to roll backwards. Being the passenger, there is nothing I can do to control the car! Time for fear.....well perhaps. Fortunately the hand break came to the rescue and with me leaning forward (very important I'm sure you agree) and a good start, we managed to avoid crashing into the sea backwards in a vehicle. After that we calmed our nerves with a shared pudding (get us being healthy!) and I had a stupidly big pear cider, keeping to the theme of summeriness.

Saturday I spent in bed, or at least the morning was spent there, cocooned in a duvet, and accompanied by a wonderful book. It was a good start to the day, and left me feeling very relaxed. The afternoon passed with a trip to an area called Stanpit Marsh, an area of, funnily enough, marshland. It was stunningly beautiful as we navigated around the gorse bushes, the wild charging horses and the nature reserve lady who told us to be careful because the environment was 'sensitive'. Does it have feelings I wonder? ....This was post an incident where Alex fell into the mud and lost her flip flops.

We clambered through the marshes, using the wooden walkways that crossed the muddy, damp fields, and we ended in the rather bustling part of Christchurch where we went for a cream tea, before meandering back through the town and across the fields. It felt surprisingly like I was in Lord of the Rings. Not bad for an afternoon's adventure!

Today began with an earlyish start and breakfast out with the girls. Sunday means Church and so we gathered together late morning for worship and teaching. It was great to have a visit from an elder at Winchester who was brought a timely challenge and an encouraging word. The atmosphere was almost electric with people buzzing about the weather, seeing each other, and meeting with God. It was the kind of great Sunday that I love.

The afternoon flew past in a blur of food, forest and friends. Out in the New Forest, with the sun beating down, a large number of us gathered for a picnic which spanned the whole afternoon before we returned to Church for baptisms. With Frisbee, tree climbing and chatting, I was very entertained, and the sunshine means I now have a smidgen of a tan...just a smidgen.

Back to Citygate and an incredible evening seeing 6 people baptised, and hearing their stories of how God rescued them, saved them and has given them hope. Two students, two youth and two others, and several of I have very close relationships with. It is incredible to hear such stories, and to know such grace is freely available. Blows my mind and fills me with happiness.

To the pub to celebrate the fun we'd had, and a nice time sat outside, enjoying the spring evening.

Now home, writing up my day, pondering a cup of tea, and considering bed.
Miss Rambles is in the house and has had one brilliant April day. I hope that you have been equally blessed.

LOVE xoxoxoxo

PS - Dear Moneypenny at Pyjamas, your guest bloggers were fantastic. Perhaps you all could come and guest blog for me.

Friday, 8 April 2011


Busy week, passed ridiculously quickly - perhaps due to the insane amount of coffee I drank, and now it's the weekend again!

I would like this weekend to be as good as last. I would also like all of the travellers, particularly those in Northern Pyjama Land to hurry back and visit me.

Tonight I'm going to the beach for a drink with the bessie. I am looking forward to some hilarity.

Sunshine fills me with summery bubbliness. Or some such craziness. I need to paint my nails and find my camera. Being a girl is ridiculous.

Love Ms Rambley

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Day Off

Today is Saturday and though the sky may be grey with clouds, I woke up to an argument between my mum and sister and I do not have anything I want to wear, I am excited for several reasons...

  1. The Curly One returns to town today
  2. I am going to the New Forest
  3. I get to dress up posh for drinks tonight
  4. I am going to make a card. This involves craft which I love.

So with these things to come, I am going to finish getting ready and sort out my ridiculous hair.

Love from
Miss Rambles.