Monday, 29 April 2013

Getting Creative

Being an English student has a number of benefits. Aside from the extensive reading that I get to do (note to self: must remember this is a privilege and opportunity!) and the very flexible timetable, I also have no exams. Yes that's right. Whilst every other students seems to be revising their socks off, my work is confined to essays. Granted there have been several thousand words to write, and I've got several thousand more but all in all, I'm feeling quite relaxed.

Which is quite a blessing, as it's given me space to start an internship (and a paid job soon! I found out today!) This weekend I decided to take some to chill out after a bit of a mad week. I spent the day pottering about the house, watching copious amounts of Gilmore Girls and doing some sewing. 

I got bought a sewing machine last year, and love it. Whilst at home over Easter I bought some new fabric, and have been eagerly hoping to find some time to use it. I kept things simple, but I have a new bag and some new cushions and I'm feeling rather proud. 

Tote bag

Bedroom cushions
As said, I've been feeling kind of creative this week. Earlier today I was reading an article about how detrimental social media can be. And in lots of ways I agree. Internet friends aren't real friends, and jealous becomes an instinct when you spend hours browsing someone else's exotic holiday snaps. And yet I've found that it helps me see beauty in things that normally I would only give a passing glance to. Like these roses. Those moments of joy are extended when you take a photo, when you share it or when you return to it. And I like that. 

Rosy flowers
Anyhow Gilmore Girls has been put on again so I'm going to join the housemates in drooling over Jesse. Fictional? Meh...!

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