Friday, 24 May 2013

Friday Feeling

It's been a rather quiet week, which was exactly what I needed after the madness of the last weekend. I started working full-time this week, which has been super fun, possibly because my time is really flexible and I so I've still managed to do some fun things. 

Also probably because my new office is next to Bond Street Station, five floors up with a stunning view over Oxford St. I'll try and sneak a picture next week, I was behaving myself as the new girl...! Still, it's scary, and I'm doing things I have no idea how to begin, but I am loving it. 

Highlights of the week include a spontaneous coffee with my bestie, who I bumped into whilst doing a few chores in Westfield. There's an incredible little coffee shop on the ground floor at the back, that does incredible drinks. It's a shame about the location, but makes a change to the ugly Starbucks when you walk through the front doors. 
Love a Latte

Later that evening a friend of mine cooked dinner for me and the rest of the leadership team that head up a Student Connect group at church. We're about 20-30 students that are seeking to know God better and reflect His love in our city. The team I lead with our stunners, inside and out, and with everyone so busy it's been hard to get together. Still, we had some green thai curry, a terrible banoffee pie made by moi (condensed milk DISASTER) and lots of wine. This was our view. 

Regents Canal and Canary Wharf

And now it's Friday. I'm heading to Eastbourne with one of my housemates tonight to meet her family and have a day or so in the countryside. I'm rather excited, and even though it means I'm leaving my beloved London, I have a feeling she'll cope without me (especially with the descending tourists for the bank holiday).

So, I'll update you on my adventures upon my return. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the extra day off!

Much love


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