Thursday, 30 May 2013

Weekend Activities

Having recently begun working full-time, I have been struck by the novelties of bank holidays. During my gap years before Uni, bank holidays were often times I still had to work, due to my jobs, but now...well now I can be one of those thrilled working people with an extra day off.

As my housemates were all leaving London I decided to join one of them in her visit to her family in Eastbourne. We wandered around the village of Battle, admired the view of the sea from Birling Gap, and rummaged through the most decadent and delightful book shop that I may have ever come across. 
City Dwellers by the Sea

Birling Gap
Camilla's Bookshop
 I love a good adventure, and whilst this one was only about two days worth of excitement, it was great to just jump on a train and get out of the City. I've been to Eastbourne once before, but it was in the pouring rain and I slept on a church floor in an industrial estate for a student weekend. Fun, but not really the kind of adventure I felt like this weekend. We finished our trip by reading the Sunday papers over coffee before heading back to London for church in the afternoon. 

An old friend from home happened to be in London, so I met with him for lunch before going to church, and we battled our way through the crowds of the Southbank, admiring the man playing the tuba with fire, and grabbing food from one of the street vendors that had parked up as part of the mini food festival. The sun was baking, and as we sat on one of the tiny parts of grass left available, I had to marvel at the scores of people you could fit on a riverbank. In the evening a few of us headed up to one of my favourite spots overlooking the City, and watched the sunset. When you get views like this, you can kind of understand why it's one my favourite places to be. 

The Shard at Sunset
The rest of the bank holiday was spent food shopping, and then picnicing in Greenwich. Though south of the river, Greenwich is easy to get to from my house, so we decided that with the sun blazing it was the perfect opportunity to sunbathe and read for the afternoon. With the help of scones and clotted cream. Obviously. 

When you live in a place with around 8 million people, you find that it's not very common to bump into people you know. Granted, near Uni that's a bit different, but generally speaking it just doesn't happen. You can imagine my surprise then to discover two friends from my course sat 10 metres away in Greenwich park! 
Green green Greenwich

Anyhow, the sun has hid itself behind clouds since Monday, and with work and such, I've not had much to blog about. Our student Connect group did pop out for pizza last night, which was a great chance to catch up with all the folk that had finished exams. This weekend there are more picnics planned, and a street party, organised by one of my neighbours! Lots to look forward to I feel. 

Until then...! 

Peace and love xo

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